Development Update: March 9th, 2020

More String Tyrant News

(Wondering what the hell String Tyrant is? Look at this page.)

Lots of progress news this week! First, take a look at the new interface courtesy of CocoMint!


Here you can also see that the game has a brief tutorial now. We also have a new Locality window with icons (Urimas is working on improving the icons right now) instead of simple text.


Next up, the Deck Editor. This allows you to modify your deck composition. The UI is currently a placeholder and is next on our upgrade list.
The little green question marks are help buttons that explain what the various parts do. Oh, and don’t forget the spiffy new card designs!


And then we have the new combat UI, with new buttons, cards, and a sweet magical table aesthetic. You can also see your remaining cards in the bottom right to give you an idea of what your deck looks like.

All in all the game is looking pretty good. I hope to have Prototype 5 out later this week. There’s a checklist down there to show you how we’re doing.

  • New Trap/TF/Ending (Done!)
  • New Trap/Ending (Done!)
  • New Trap/TF/Ending (Done!)
  • New Trap/Ending (Done!)
  • New Map (Done!)
  • New Enemy/TF/Ending
  • New Scenario work/item placement/balancing
  • New Combat UI (Done!)
  • Deck Editor (Done, needs UI upgrade)
  • Improved Locality Windows (Done!)


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