Development Update: April 20th, 2020

Coding Stuff

I’m currently working on an automated build system for the engine. I spent the last week doing some upgrades for the Big Balance Patch, including one of the new features: Mugging!

If you get behind an enemy and mash the Activate key, you can stun them for a few seconds. This steals 20% of their XP/Cash and any items they were holding and also breaks up their group if they were following another enemy on patrol. It can be used to isolate and pick off enemies.

This will not be in the next release (which is a Adventure Catch-Up Release bringing back OSX support for Chapter 5) but will be in the Big Balance Patch release, which will likely be in June. There may be more than one BBP release, depending on how much stuff I have to do, how much time it takes, and how many bugs there are (hint: Many)

The automated builder just allows me to quickly build releases of various games for various platforms. I will be releasing v1.03 of String Tyrant and Pandemonium Chapter 5 final later this week once I’ve got the builder done and configured.

Artistic Concerns

Stinkehund is working on some overlays that are used to show what area you’re currently in, making navigation a bit more intuitive.

Chickenwhite has done some concept work that I needed done, and Patrons get to see it this week! Otherwise, she’s still updating the art. Most of chapter 5 is updated now.

Urimas has finished the first round of sprites I need for a thing. I’m going to need more. More information on the thing later, much later. It’s for chapter 2, you’ll like it, I promise.

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