Development Update: April 27th, 2020

Coding Stuff

A new version of String Tyrant and Pandemonium will be released tomorrow. Before you get excited, it’s just a bugfix patch, fixing a dylib path and a bug with the Electrosprite Adventure as reported by some people on the forums.

As for my coding activities, I have ripped out the combat engine and am rebuilding it. It’s all skeleton work right now, making sure characters have setup for the new job system and reorganized script handlers. It’s a lot of work and it won’t show dividends for a while yet.

Artistic Action

Chicken is still working her way through normalizing the images, having finished some of chapter 5’s TF sequences now. Hund has given me a new rollover text to be showed when the player changes areas, but then broke his glasses and cannot work until the new frames arrive. Silly Hund!

Urimas is getting me some more sprites for the various enemies. There will be a few more interactions with enemies in the Big Balance Patch. You’ll see.

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