Development Update: May 25th, 2020

Programming Stuff

This week I completed MP, CP, Shields, Adrenaline, new abilities, reorganization, and lots and lots of other stuff. It’s mostly me just chewing through yet more backend. This week, side-switching, change-forms-in-combat, victory handling, and more!

Artistic Action

Hund has completed several more overlays for chapter 1. Chicken had a busy week but is going to be getting me some concepts for chapter 2 before going back to updating the old art. Koops is going to be back to work soon. Urimas helped me with icons because he’s a spriter and deserves what he gets.

Amazingly, MarioneTTe is now back to writing stories! Because he got laid off. But he’s writing stories again! Alraune story is now in production!

Next Week

String Tyrant retrospective just before the Steam release. I talk about platforms, budget, promotion, cost, all that crap. Good if you’re an aspiring indie developer or just a nerd who likes boring stuff.


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