Development Update and Save Sinpai Stream Announcement!

Development Stuff

Chicken has finished that emergency concept art I needed done and patrons get to see it today! Urimas is spriting, Hund is doing overlays, and Koops is petting her cats.

In coding news, I’ve finished combat’s mechanical overhaul. Now all I need to do is create all the missing abilities, overhaul all the enemy statistics files, modify all the equipment, fix the remaining GUI errors, balance test, bug test…

Save Sinpai Stream!

I am currently organizing a stream to help friend-artist and rubber enthusiast Goop-Sinpai to pay some bills. It’s a fun and dumb charity stream.

This document contains a list of what is available to pledgers.

What we’re doing:
Sinpai is going to play Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door until she either beats the game or falls asleep. Everyone else gets to tune in and mock her.

When it’s happening:
Friday, June 12th, 4pm Central (UTC -6) until Sinpai beats the game or cannot continue.

What you can get:
We currently have some slots for sketch commissions, story commissions, and even a 3D voxel animation slot! See above for the list!

You’ll be able to begin pledges as of Thursday June 11th. Payment details to come.

If you’ve got a couple bucks and want to help out a member of the community, swing by Sinpai’s server this Friday!

Let’s get some curiosity:

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