Development Update: June 15th, 2020

The Code

I’m working my way through the abilities in combat, and there are a bunch. Abilities like poisoning enemies, stacking debuffs, increasing damage via tags, converting enemies to your side, and more. I hope to have most of Mei’s abilities done sometime this week.

The Art

Thanks to the donations of many kind individuals, we raised around 750$ for the Save Sinpai Stream. Some of that was art time, including a landscape by Stinkehund, some sketches by Koops and Chickenwhite, and even a 3D model by Urimas.

Which is to say, art resumes this week. Moving right along.

String Tyrant moves 600 copies for Black Lives Matter

In case you were not aware, the bundle for BLM was the last week. String Tyrant was in that bundle, along with 1700+ games from The game was downloaded just over 600 times during the bundle period, so clearly we made some kind of impact. Good job, everyone.

In other news, the String Tyrant HD Art Pack is being released to anyone who has purchased the game. If you bought it on, check the downloads section. On Steam, it will be a zip file in the game’s files. If you got it via patreon, a link will be going up soon.

An Alarming Amount of Curiosity

These questions just appear I don’t know who’s sending them.

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