Development Update: June 22nd, 2020

Bonus Stuff

It’s Star-Guardian 55! During the Sinpai Fundraiser stream, I (Salty) acquired a sketch from Cocomint for a 10$ donation of 55 wearing the Star-Guardian outfits from League of Legends. Cuz Sinpai likes those.

And then she went and colored it because Coco is crazy. Enjoy!

Abyss Cave Gets English Release

Hey remember those game reviews I wrote a while back? Abyss Cave got an official English translation. I asked Toka and he said it was okay to help spread it around, so here’s the TFGDB link for it if you want to play it!

It has some bugs, please see the discussion thread for workarounds.

Coding Stuff

I have completed all of Mei’s “Normal” class abilities. All that is left is her Zombee special class abilities, then I will be moving on to Florentina’s.

After that, it’s “Field Skills”, abilities you can use in the field to dodge enemies, trap them, stun them, open locks, etc. These are mostly used in chapter 2 for puzzle solving but I may as well put a few in chapter 1 to make sure the player knows how the system works.

Artistic Stuff

Chickenwhite has delivered a new enemy concept for chapter 1, which patrons get to see next week. Stinkehund has finished most of chapter 1’s area title images. Urimas is getting me some new tiles for the new areas in chapter 1 and has finished most of the ability icons.

Mario promises he’s working very hard on the alraune story. We all believe him. Pyxxis has completed some map prototypes of one of the new areas in chapter 1.

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