Development Update: July 13th, 2020

Bonus Stuff

Here we can see the area transitions that will be present in the Big Balance Patch for chapter 1. These show up when you first enter a new area and are present in the top right during normal gameplay to give you a better idea of where you currently are, meaning you don’t need to keep rechecking the map.

What’s This? A Chapter 2 Story?

That’s right, as part of the Save Sinpai Stream, I got a 10$ commission from Aaaac, world-famous author of Monsters of the Forest. It’s a story featuring Sanya and Izuna from chapter 2!

You can read it here!


Holy cow is there a lot of bonus stuff this week!

Sealed Stone Maiden, a Japanese game by Petrificator, has gotten a 1.16 release (Twitter thread here). Why am I posting about it here?

Because I translated it! That’s right, the game is now available in English. You can download it here.

I will be putting up a TFGS entry later on (the author is currently working on bugfixes, so I’m giving him some time for that), but you can play it start to finish right now. I can’t translate the addons and some of the text is messed up as a result, but the game is very playable.

The game contains petrification, freezing, goldenization, metalization, getting turned into a doll, getting covered in rubber, and really cute girls I mean come on. Look at Celine.


I hope to be done Pairanormal’s first pass by as early as tomorrow, possibly Wednesday, at which point it’s back to Pandemonium coding for me.


Chicken has delivered one of the new enemy concepts for chapter 1 and is going to be getting me some of the new NPCs. Koops has delivered some chapter 2 concepts and will be working on one of the new chapter 1 NPC concepts as well.

Urimas’ computer blew up and is in the shop for fixin’, so he’s out until at least Thursday. Stinkehund is working on chapter 5’s area transitions.

Curious Cat

Note: Koops also specified the Loch Ness Monster is a favourite, and Chicken really likes Slenderman. Make of that what you will.


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