Development Update: July 20th, 2020


I have finished Florentina’s abilities and am presently upgrading the combat interface and fixing the (large amount) of (obvious) bugs. I want to get Field Abilities implemented this week before I have to work on Pairanormal for a few days.

The Big Balance Patch is already looking pretty darn good!


Chicken has produced a concept of one of the new enemies and is presently working on an animation for her own sick purposes. Take a look!

Koops has delivered a concept for a new character in chapter 1 – Miho the Kitsune Bounty Hunter! Patrons get to see her this week!

Urimas has fixed his computer and is making sprites because he’s a spriter and that’s what they do.

Hund has made some… modifications to Florentina’s wardrobe.

Florentina has two new classes, Mediator and Treasure Hunter. Rather than take Chicken away from her work designing enemies and updating the shading, I got Hund to add a hat so you can tell them apart.


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