Development Update: August 17th, 2020

Bonus Stuff!

Bonus art of Nadia by The Masked Creator! Commissioned by Klaysee.

It’s not complete without the pun, trust me.

Coding Stuff

I am closing in on being done all the mechanical updates for the Big Balance Patch. Here’s what’s left:
Renewable Chests
Glancing Blows
Gem Merging

Wow, a short list? Well don’t forget all the new stuff getting added to chapter 1, plus the inevitable cavalcade of bugs I’ll have to fix.


Chicken is on vacation for two weeks as of now, so no more art on that front. However, we do have our finalized studio logo!

Our old studio logo was a unicorn head against a backdrop of stars, but now we have a cute cat. Or is it?


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Maiden Sealed in Stone, a game Salty translated!

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