Development Update: August 10th, 2020

Everyone Bonus Stuff!

Commissioned by Friend of the Team, Klaysee, drawn by MissDeerFace. It’s Christine laughing way too hard at her own joke!

I’m starting to think I need to make a dedicated fan art section on the site.

Coding Stuff

I completed the translation for Alfine’s Diary this week! You can get it here.
It’s not 100% complete, as it has some leftover literals and there are some weird bugs due to the SRPG engine that make a full translation impossible. It is playable though.

I also have (mostly) completed the save/load system for the Big Balance Patch. I have a few more things to add before saving/loading goes to testers.


Chicken has not decided on the music yet, but is working away at the animation. Urimas is getting me icons.

Koops just got me another chapter 2 concept (which you might get to see later if you’re good). Stinkehund was panicking about chapter 5’s overlays as always.

Curious Catte

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