Development Update: October 12th, 2020

Coding Stuff

Had to finish up some maps that Pyxxis won’t have time to get to, finished up all the major scenes (still a few minor ones to go), and took a bite out of the bug list. Some more bugs to go, more scenario, and of course, balance testing.


Chicken has one enemy concept left (we forgot about it, oh no!) and a few miscellaneous bits floating around. Koops is making some new characters. Hund has two more region animations, Urimas is spriting his little heart out.

String Tyrant Sequel is Yes

We passed the 2k threshold and I asked the team, they said yes. String Tyrant 2 will happen eventually, someday, but I’d like to at least have chapter 2 out before then.

BBP Launch Objective

I want to have chapter 1 of the Big Balance Patch sent off to patrons before the end of October. It will likely be missing some features because there’s a rather large segment that I don’t have the art for, but it’ll be functional. Look forward to it.

Curious Cat

The Link Pile

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