Development Update: October 19th, 2020

Coding Stuff

I was going to get a prototype sent to testers by the end of the day, but I got called into work. I have to place treasure and finish a few enemy abilities.

Tentative objective is to have a prototype for patrons by next Monday. Let’s see if we can make it.


Chicken is working away on the Mei bouncy animation. We’ll be getting one more enemy concept out of her relatively soon, and then that damned animation.

Koops is drawing pumpkin people. She hisses at me when I get close.

Urimas did a heroism and got me all the remaining sprites and almost all the tiles in one week. Good job, Urimas.

Hund is almost done the region overlays.


DrDissonance has made two new music tracks for the new areas. Patrons get to hear the second one today, hooray!

Curious Cat

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