Development Update: November 2nd, 2020

There will be a patch for patrons shortly. This is mostly a bugfix and convenience patch, fixing every bug that had been reported and a few more besides.
There is also the new mediator cutscene in Arbonne. The new forms will be added later this week, along with a new sidequest if I have time.

A patreon update will follow when I have uploaded the patched version.

Vote Pls

Certain yankee doodles in the audience can vote tomorrow. I recommend doing so. There, leave me alone, Aaaac.

Corruption of Champions – Xianxia

Did you know there’s a CoC mod called Xianxia which expands on the original in every way, has a character viewer and lots of monstergirls, and is free and you can get it right now? Neither did I until one of the devs showed up and told me. Let’s remedy that.

The wiki is here. It’s very outdated.

The latest version JUST RELEASED is here.

If you like monstergirls and stuff, you could do a lot worse than playing this game.

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