Big Balance Patch Part 1 Released to Patrons!

Holy cow, after like 10 years* the first patron release of the Big Balance Patch is out! Patrons can go get it over on patreon, and if you’re not a patron: It’s really easy. Costs like a dollar. Seriously, easy.

A linux build is in the works, I need to set up my Linux environment on the new SSD. OSX and Windows users can get right into the action.

But wait, it’s not done? Of course, nothing is ever done. Here’s what needs to be completed in the coming months:
Chapter 5 implemented
The rest of the river wilds (western most part of chapter 1)
A new playable form in chapter 1
A new “playable” form in chapter 1
The mediator cutscene
New volunteer slime cutscene under the Quantir manor
Lots of balance tweaks
Lots of bugfixes
You people will probably suggest good things on the forums

I hope to have Chapter 5 rebalanced and ready to go before the end of the year, as well as the remaining bits of chapter 1.

*It was six months, but it felt a lot longer.

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