Development Update: December 7th, 2020

Let’s do the dev update first, polls below

Urimas is working on a 3D sampler so we can figure out physical proportions for a future project. I finished my Pairanormal work and am working on the next balance/bugfix patch for Pandemonium. Chicken will be getting you some more updated enemy art and it looks so pretty you guys.

Koops made some robits.

Stinkehund Made Some Logos

We’re changing out studio name to Bottled Starlight, so check out these adorable designs which you can get on stuff via RedBubble!

Here, Here, and Here.

It’s Poll Time. First, the public poll.

16 responses. Let’s go through this question by agonizing question.

Most people reacted favourably to the tutorial. I should probably move it a bit to make it more apparent that a hole in the wall is the tutorial, but I also don’t want to force the player to go through it.

As long as the general public enjoy it more than the last one, it was alllllll worth it.
But seriously, this upgrade was long in coming.

Fortunately, the skill system is not too confusing for people to handle. The UI needs a lot of improvements but the overall complexity isn’t too much.


Okay, leave the game’s overall balance where it is and up the boss difficulty a bit, and things will be fine.

Surprise surprise, people like the new content, but they love Polaris and her dog the most. Impressively, Share;Lock is also popular. Good job, me (and to Anai who spent the FAT STACKS necessary to get her in the game).

People seem to like characters more than rough areas, like St. Fora’s. I like exploring myself, but talking to people who have interesting things to say is *in*.

The rubber thing is fairly polarizing. Luckily, it’s also optional.

WOO, ABOVE AVERAGE. The sequence was written by Chickenwhite and edited by myself and MarioneTTe, so good job, Chicken.

About as expected, people fight periodically but not constantly. This is why you can run by monsters and get XP from chests and whatnot, and why you can mug them now.

Generally, the “Tough” areas are a bit too easy, but people think the whole thing is easy, so that’s expected.
One must bear in mind that most players who pick up a game for the first time suck, and so in the future, first-timers will think the game is tough even if you vets think it’s easy. So I don’t want to change things much.

It was eight months of staring at a wall for you, but I killed myself making it.

See what I said about polarizing? People like the rubber baddies and hate the rubber sequence – making this rough on me guys! Mushraunes, surprisingly, are also well-liked. Good job on the art, Chicken.

Yeah, better get to work on this sooner rather than later.

Now for the Patron Pal Poll

Why is there a poll for patrons? Simple – their opinion counts for more.

Nailed it.

As long as patrons are entertained, the artists get to keep eating. Good job, artists.

Patrons want to see more weird expansive subquests. You got it.

Patrons like wacky stupid drinking contests.

Good job, Chicken! People like the updated art!

Why did two people vote against that? What are you going to do, tell me your plans – OH WAIT YOU CAN’T, THAT’S WHAT THE FORUMS ARE FOR.

I have good news for both of you.



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