Development Update: December 14th, 2020

Version 3.02 Released

You can download it here: ( / Mediafire) Bundled Windows/Linux/OSX build.


*Fixed the bug where you’d get stuck going through certain doors near Quantir.
*Added alternate “low-detail” descriptions for all abilities. You can toggle to high-detail with F2 if you need to see specific values.
These alternate descriptions also use a larger font to be easier to read.

*Added all remaining standard keyboard key images so you won’t see “ERROR” all over the place.
*Added Zombee relive scene.
*Added Alraune Volunteer relive scene.
*You can attempt to boop the statue at Polaris’ house for the corgi boop paper.
*You can now try to lockpick the sister superior’s door in the Dimensional Trap Basement.
*Stun and stun resistance now appears in the combat inspector.
*Added some more dialogue topics.

*Added ‘Mend’ ability to Mei’s Alraune form. This is a simple single-target heal.
*Added ‘Reserves’ ability to Mei’s Slime form. This generates 20 MP in exchange for your turn.
*Added ‘Entangle’ ability to Mei’s Slime form. Hits all enemies and reduces their evade, and can’t miss. Good for hitting dodgy little shits.
*Added ‘Hive Locus’ ability to Mei’s Bee form. Generates 40 MP and reduces accuracy by 100 for 1 turn, as a free action. Basically anti-Concentrate.
*Ripple (Mei/Nightshade) now costs 15 MP.
*Poison Darts (Florentina/Treasure Hunter) now deals more damage and lasts for 5 turns instead of 3.
*Trip (Mei/Fencer) now has +25% base accuracy.
*Fan of Leaves (Mei/Nightshade) deals 1.00x attack and costs 25 MP, from 0.80x and 30.
*Way of the Slime (Mei/Smarty Sage) corrected tooltip. It provides +10% Max HP, not +10 Max HP.
*Indomitable (Mei/Petraian) goes to +15% Max HP from +5%.
*Pounce (Mei/Prowler) now can only target stunned enemies, and will not let you waste MP attacking not-stunned enemies.
*Garrote (Mei/Prowler) now can only target bleeding enemies, and will not let you waste MP attacking not-bleeding enemies.
*The Warden boss now applies a debuff upon marking a target. Failure to remove it causes double damage from the follow up attack.
*Infirm now has a higher evade.
*Mycela now does a bit more damage. Her Shockwave attack was dealing 33% more damage than it was supposed to, and was reduced, but her other attacks deal more to compensate.
*Mycela’s Enveloping Spores lasts one more turn than before.
*Warm Socks now provide freeze resist. The game is now ‘Realistic’. IGN gives it a 10/10.

*Thrall Mei is now Thrall in the UI.
*Fixed Mei’s First Aid ability not animating and not removing bleeds.
*Fixed Zombee Boss AI such that the zombees actually *attack you*
*Fixed many small combat bugs
*Fixed many small map bugs

Budget Report

Our December 2020 budget report is now available if you want to see where the money goes.

Other Stuff

Artists are doing their art stuff. Urimas is currently practicing his 3D, more on that later. I’m about to start chapter 5’s work since there aren’t many bugs left to clean up in chapter 1.

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