Development Update: March 22nd, 2021 And Poll Results

Coding Stuff

There will be a patch a bit later this week, fixing some nasty stuff like that weird loading bug. This patch also updates the loading screen images and finally adds the area overlays to chapter 5. I need to fix up a few more combat bugs before it’s ready for prime time.


Those troublesome artists are still at it. Urimas finished his assignments, Hund finished her assignments (shakes fist angrily), Chicken is working on a TF, and Koops is drawing girls with fox tails.

Big Balance Feedback

Let’s go over that poll!

Overall positive response. Keep in mind that people who respond to an online poll are self-selected in favour of that poll (which for a video game means they tend to like it more) but this is still a good reply. People enjoy all the hard work we put in.

Another positive response, so the people who like the game think it was worth it to improve it.
Which means you all just backhandedly said the old version sucked! How mean!

The first few responses but Drone in first place, but over time Repair Unit took the lead. There is some bias here towards forms that are mandatory (human/golem/handmaiden) and the game forces you into golem a lot for plot reasons, but the poll makes no distinction as to reason. Maybe golem Christine just looks the cutest!

At some point I’ll have to figure out which forms people think are weaker than others and give them buffs and balancing passes. For now, I’ll just presume the balance is fine and people just like robot girls in dresses.

Wow, almost uniformly doing all the sidequests. Expected from a self-selected group, but encouraging. Exactly what this means in terms of people finding the game too easy but also doing all the side content (which generally makes you overleveled) is left to statisticians and wild-guessers.

A slight preference towards hard, but most people think it’s in the middle.

Prestige sections are parts of the game that break the usual fight/search/loot/level routine. I try to include them whenever I can because they’re a lot of fun to make.

I really didn’t expect the Steam-Christine sequence to take the lead, but hey it did. So in the future, subterfuge will top dating your girlfriend. Noted.

The Important Steering Poll

$5+ patrons got to vote in the poll to decide what we do next. A staggering 84 people voted, which is the biggest response to one of these polls ever.

And they didn’t even give us a multi-way tie like they usually do! The studio will now have a meeting to choose what we’ll do next, based on the weight of how difficult each part is to do versus how much the public supports doing it.

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