Development Update: March 29th, 2021

Look At This Beautiful Thing Koops Made

Koops was commissioned to draw this lovely ballerina dancer doll. I love it so much I asked if I could post it so feast your damn eyes on it.

Version 3.13 Released

Pandemonium v3.13 is out. It’s mostly a bugfix and image improvement release, with some new icons and loading image. Changelog is at the bottom of the post.

Download it here ( / Mediafire) (Win/Lin/Mac Bundled)

What The Studio Is Doing Next

Last week, we revealed the steering survey results. Surprisingly, the patrons voted to give us discretion on what to do next, and by god did we exercise it. I called a meeting and everything.

At the meeting, we decided the following: We will implement the UI Patch first, because it’s the smallest and will take the least amount of time. After that is the Mechanical Patch, which won’t require any additional artist assets (except maybe some sprites) so Chicken can catch up on the remaining chapter 5 art.

At that point, if Chicken has finished polishing up the chapter 5 art, we will move on to chapter 2. Otherwise, I will work on the Editorial Patch while she does that. I can’t set any hard dates for any of these, my estimates are always way off because coding is hard.

Other Art Stuff

Koops is going to be making some chapter-intro images so you don’t just have to stare at a black screen while the game tells you what is going on. Chicken has also finished all of the Gravemarker TF images, but those came in too late to make it into v3.13 so they will be released next week.

Curious Cat

Version 3.13 Changelog

*Hopefully fixed that really annoying bug which would cause assorted images to appear in the image-string text.
*Added region markers for chapter 5 areas.
*Added new item icons for most items, with emphasis being on the character weapons.

*Added the new loading images made by Stinkehund.
*Septima is now 8-directional.
*JX-101 is now 8-directional.

Combat Balance
*Christine’s ‘Cover’ should no longer take hits when she’s KO’d, despite the incredibly bravery of it.
*Some other abilities which should be removed on KO will now correctly do so.
*Christine’s Raiju ‘Fireworks’ now deals the correct damage type, and is listed as always hitting.
*Christine’s Raiju ‘Fireworks’ now shows the correct damage icons.
*Christine’s Raiju ‘Polarity’ will now show its hit rate, and correctly lists its predicted damage over time.
*Christine’s Electrosprite ‘Chain Zap’ now lists 50 stun and deals 50 stun.
*Christine’s Raiju ‘Embolden’ now works properly.
*Christine’s Raiju ‘Battery Drainer’ now correctly consumes DoTs and lists its predicted damage.
*55’s ‘Target Optics’ detailed description now correctly indicates it hits one enemy.
*55’s ‘Laser Pulse’ detailed description indicates the correct MP cost.
*55’s ‘Coolant Coagulant’ detailed description indicates the correct damage type.
*55’s ‘Sabotage Wiring’ detailed description indicates the correct damage type.
*55’s ‘Conductive Spray’ detailed description shows the correct effect type.
*55’s ‘Full Auto’ now drains 10% HP per missing CP instead of 5%.

*Fixed a bug where SX-399 was added to the party after completing the Raibie quest without actually having done her quest to begin with.
*Changing jobs in combat should no longer cause all charge-using items to be unavailable until combat ends.

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