Pandemonium v3.14 Released!

Download it!

Mediafire / (Win/Lin/Mac Bundled)

Changelog is at the bottom of the post.

Journal Preview

The journal is a WIP in this version. It’s not complete, but the baseline code is all in place. All we need to do is write all the entries.

The bestiary tracks which enemies you’ve defeated. If you defeat them enough, their stats and resists will appear in their information pane. You can also push the Z key to see the full combat portrait.

The profiles tab keeps track of the characters you’ve met and gives you a quick description in case you forgot something. It even updates for some characters, particularly the very transformable ones.

The quest tracker keeps track of the quests you’re on, including what you should do next or where you should go. It doesn’t necessarily track everything you can do in the chapter, just the major things.

And here we have the location tab, showing the areas you’ve visitd and giving a rundown of them.

Finally, the combat glossary. It details the minutiae of combat, detailing mechanics that are a bit harder to describe in the tutorial or character text.

I hope to have the journal completed for both chapters within the coming weeks. In addition to other backend changes, of course.

Curious Cat


Major Changes

  • Added Gravemarker TF Images!
  • Added (woefully incomplete) Journal, WIP.

Minor Changes

  • Chapter 5 jobs should now show which abilities are on their job bars.
  • Changed a deadnaming part in chapter 5.
  • JX-101 has a diagonal loading frame now.

Combat Balance

  • Increased JX-101’s attack power so she’s more useful during her section.
  • *Disruptor Blast should deal the predicted damage amount.
  • 55’s Implosion Grenade now deals less damage than Wide-Lens Shot for 2-3 targets but more damage at 4 or more targets.
  • 55’s Implosion Grenade should now correctly show damage prediction.
  • 55’s Power Jump should show the MP increase.
  • Christine’s Supernova should do flame instead of slash damage.
  • 55’s Nanite Cloud icon now has the CP requirement indicator.
  • 55’s Psyche Out now deals 10% of her max HP instead of 20%.
  • Christine’s Overclock should show the correct icons.
  • Christine’s Beyond Sight show show the correct icons.
  • Christine’s Grounded now correctly shows prediction.
  • Christine should now correctly get Bloodboil for her last skillbook ability as a Steam Droid.
  • Christine’s Quickdry Splash should show the correct damage type.
  • Christine’s Oblierate shows the correct CP requirement indicator.
  • Christine’s Scavenge shows the correct CP requirement indicator, which is none.
  • Christine’s Seen Worse should show the correct description in the combat inspector.
  • Christine’s Embolden should show the correct icons.
  • JX-101’s Thunderbolt Slug shows the correct CP requirement indicator.
  • All chapter 5 in-combat items should benefit from 55’s User Manuals.
  • Christine’s Grasp of the Void DoT type changed to Obscuring.


  • Fixed a missing wall collision in the LRT Facility.
  • Fixed the ‘Neutronium Vest’ bug in the Biolabs.
  • Fixed Electrosprite appearing on Christine’s form list when she’s already an Electrosprite.
  • Fixed wrong sound effect playing when opening the door to SX-399’s room.
  • Catalysts should now correctly apply when loading a game.
  • Corrected the catalyst bonus indicators on the main menu.
  • Should no longer be able to be a non-human during the Black Site.
  • Fixed a number of enemies not matching their overworld sprite.
  • Void Rifts now have a defeated sprite.
  • Fixed Latex Drones not having a wounded frame.
  • Fixed several abilities not showing their hit rate in prediction boxes.
  • Ability description text in the combat inspector should line up correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies using buffs on their allies would spit debug text if all their allies were dead.
  • Added Raiju Christine to the inventory face table.
  • Bloody Mirror should appear in the portraits box.
  • Golems and Geishas should also appear in the portraits box.

Engine Upgrades

  • Generalized the ‘Madness’ type tables.
  • Updated all DoT effects to use the new standard.
  • Updated all effects to have standardized factory function.
  • Restructured ability and effect folder tree to be per-character.
  • Restructured combat item abilities.
  • Modernized all ability code.

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