Version 3.17 Released

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Changelog at bottom of the post as usual.

Art Comparison

So you may have noticed that we’ve been working on normalizing all the chapter 1 and chapter 5 art. But what does that mean? Well, it means making them look better, you goober!

So I had Chicken “Chickenwhite” White pick out some of the images that improved the most. And uh, here they are.

Alraunes were one of the first designs we made, before we had figured out the shading style we were going for.

Cultists were actually literally the first enemy design we made. The texture on the book looks a lot better.

Best Friend is an enemy type that will be appearing in chapter 2. It didn’t appear in chapter 1 because its job was taken by those damn skullcrawlers.

Fun fact: Best Friend was originally designed for a game we decided not to make: Patron Saint. Maybe we’ll get to see it get made someday. Maybe sooner than you think.

And then we come to slimes, who have a much more vibrant color selection and texturing in the new version. Lovely!

Curious Cat


Version 3.15
Fixed a crash in the inventory handler.

Version 3.16
Fixed a crash in the load handler.

Version 3.17
*Finished (most of) chapter 1’s journal handlers.

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