Development Update: May 3rd, 2021


I’ve completed most of the journal entries for chapter 5. Currently mopping up the location blurbs and then doing the quests, and then it’s back to engine upgrades. So no release this week, but likely next week.

Artsy Partsy

Chicken has finished a couple upgrades to chapter 1, this time, it’s Mei’s Bee TF updated with the new shading. She’s going to be updating the alraune TFs next, and then that’s it for chapter 1 holy cow.

Meanwhile, Koops finished the new intro image and is doing a concept for a character in chapter 2. Patrons will get to see her next week.

Hund and Urimas are spinning in place (or alternately, working on experimental stuff not related to the project).

Cat? Curious? Yes.

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