Development Update: May 17, 2021

No Seriously, Release Next Week

I know I said there’d be a release this week, but there will be one next week because a bunch of bugs showed up and I want them fixed first.

This version will contain the new asset streaming capability for the engine, allowing it to load images on-the-fly rather than loading everything at once. This both reduces system memory usage and overall load times.

And yes, it can be turned off in the options menu if it’s causing some sort of system problem.

Depending on the machine, load times were reduced by up to 50% in our early trials, and memory usage is cut by about 45%. These are major gains!

I just need to fix a few errors like the images loading with the wrong filters, and it’ll be ready. And since Chicken is still doing more reshadings, some of chapter 5’s shading will be updated, too!

Big Announcement Coming in June

Nothing about it now, but the studio has a big announcement coming at the start of June. So get real excited, you jerks.

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