Version 3.18 Released!

Download it here!

Version 3.18 ( / Mediafire)

This version finishes the journal up, fixes some bugs, and adds the asset streaming code. Let me know if you encounter serious bugs. The game’s memory usage should be half what it was before and it should load considerably faster. Hooray!


Chicken has, as of v3.18, officially updated most of the art. All of the primary enemies and bosses in chapter 5 are updated. A few enemies (done by Koops) have “Good enough” shading and will get updated later.

She is now working on the Darkmatter and Electrosprite TF images. After that, a couple frames for 55 to delineate her new jobs, and we’ll be moving on to chapter 2.

Big Announcement Next Week

I was going to say “First week of June” but the Monday lands on May 31st so I’ll just do it then. Get psyched!

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