Pandemonium v3.19 Released

Hey look, download it here (Mediafire /

You can find a changelog below, but the big ones are:
Auto-win handler: Mugging enemies 5 levels below your level causes you to win instantly, no battle required
Autosaves. The game now autosaves between rooms so you won’t lose progress if something melts!
Gem Auto-transfer. When changing equipment, gems automatically move to the new gear.
Lots of bugfixes.

Up next is New Chapter +, and that’s it for the (major) mechanical improvements. I’ll still be fixing bugs, and I still haven’t gotten everything I need for the UI update, so I’ll be working on Slitted Eye and Chapter 2 until I do.


*Added auto-win handler. Mugging an enemy (or group) that you outnumber and are 5 levels higher than causes you to instantly win the battle.
*Holding down Z and X to accelerate dialogue now also accelerates cutscenes, causing characters to move faster.

*Fixed an error in the chapter 1 profiles.
*Fixed various small chapter 1 errors (thanks, Yoshielder).
*Enemies now emulate patrolling so they don’t always spawn in the same spot.
*Fixed Mei and Christine being able to transform without enough CP.
*You can now press the Run key to toggle paragon portraits in the journal.
*Added chapter 5’s paragon portrait files. They’re not in the game yet.
*Pressing left and right on the New Save button when saving now scrolls pages.

Combat Balance
*All HoTs will run after DoTs, meaning the healing applies after the damage, regardless of the order the effects were applied.
*Changing jobs in mid-battle will set and unset passive effects correctly.

Engine Upgrades
*Added autosave handler. Instructions on how to use it are in the Saves/Autosave/ folder.
*You can now use PgUp/PgDn/Home/End to navigate the save file listing at a campfire.
*You can now push F4 to immediately jump back to the title screen during gameplay.
*Gems now auto-transfer when changing equipment, if the new equipment has enough slots.
*Combat Inspector now has a scrollbar for effects.
*Audio volumes now save to the config file whenever the player hits Okay on the options menu, instead of just when loading a game.

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