Our Next Project – Slitted Eye

That’s right, the big announcement is our next studio project, Slitted Eye. Coming to PC in October (probably).

You play as a cat, Wispers, as terrible things crawl in the dark house around you. Make sure none of them get to your sleeping, unaware human.

We were heavily inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s and wanted to do our own take on the weird subgenre, so here we are. Plus Chickenwhite is a huge FNAF fan.

The game is a 3D pre-rendered survival horror where you must use Wispers’ limited stamina and simple cat abilities to ward off a collection of night horrors. Unlike FNAF, you can move between rooms during the later nights. The enemies can attack your human, Charlotte, directly, or they can make a lot of noise and wake her up. And if she wakes up, she’ll put Wispers outside, were he can’t protect her. By the time he comes back in, it’s too late…

During the day, you can explore the house and interact with the radio, answering machine, TV, and newspapers to get important backstory. Where did these creatures come from, what do they want with Charlotte, and how does this dumb cat stop them?

And yes, because this is us, there’s some bad-end TF stuff. It’s off-camera, because this is a mainstream game, but it’s there.

Patrons will, of course, receive a free copy of the game. We haven’t decided on a price point yet, but it’ll likely be 5-10 USD at launch.

We want to have it out for October because there’s something spooky about that month. We’re hoping to attract some streamer and let’s play attention to boost the game.

Koops is the art lead for this game, with Urimas and Stinkehund doing the 3D render work. Salty is doing the engine. For technical reasons, Chickenwhite is doing the final shot assembly instead of Koops.

What about Chapter 2?

Chapter 2 will continue development while Slitted Eye is being worked on. Because of the pre-rendering, the game doesn’t require an extremely complicated engine, and the concept work is actually almost complete as of June 1st (Koops has one concept left to finish).

We hope to have chapter 2’s first release out before the end of the year. The Mechanical Patch is almost complete, and I (Salty) am going to be starting on maps for chapter 2 very soon.

Why this, why now?

The team has been wanting to make a 3D game for a while now, both to teach ourselves the production cycle and to acclimate the artists to the tools. We’re using Blender for this with touch-ups in ClipStudio. Urimas has been experimenting with Blender for a while now (see the loading screen for String Tyrant) and has become rather adept. So we’re making a game and he’s teaching the other artists what he knows.

Also we want to make a game where you play a cat because cats are fluffy babies.

Oh and maybe it will take off and we’ll make money off it that we can use to fund Pandemonium idk seems unlikely.

Mechanical Patch

The next version is still being worked on. It contains enemy patrol scattering, adds the ability to show paragons in the bestiary, fixed the HoT/DoT priority issue, adds an autosave handler, causes gems to transfer when changing equipment, adds the ability to accelerate cutscenes with Z/X, and allows auto-win on mugging an enemy weaker than your party.

I am going to be working on New Chapter + this week. Depending on the sheer number of bugs that will cause, it will be out next week or the week after.

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