Pairanormal Public Beta is now out

Pairanormal is now out

Famous UI artist Chicmonster has been working on Pairanormal since 2016. What the hell is it? It’s a visual novel game about youtubers who have all ironically left youtube because it’s a bad platform. There’s a mystery and at least one dog in it. See if you can spot the Pandemonium crossover.

You can find it on It’s free.

I, Salty, coded it and did a lot of scripting for it. Chic did the arts and writing. We also got some testing from those wacky testers.

Chapter 5 NC+ Release will be whenever Chicken gets me the images

The code is mostly in place (some bugs have emerged, as always) but the images are not done yet. Whenever Chicken sends me the missing images, I’m releasing it. Hopefully that’s this week.

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