Development Update: July 19th, 2021

We’s Still Working on the NC+ Art

Chicken is still at it, having melted in a heatwave (but she reformed like the T-1000 so it’s okay). She needs to complete 55’s new combat poses and a Maisie emote, and we’re ready.

Meanwhile, I spent like 5 days modernizing all the old dialogue code. Now, dialogue is stored in the same folder as the map data, making it a lot easier to touch up. This provides no gameplay benefit whatsoever but it was annoying the hell out of me.

I have also decided to get a couple minor things, like field party movement (followers will walk up to the party leader if the leader stands still) and possibly idle animations if Urimas has time.

I am hoping the NC+ for chapter 5 release will come out next week. Cross your fingers.

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