Pandemonium v3.21 Released!

Download it here (Mediafire / (Win/Lin/Mac Bundle)

Chickenwhite still has a couple images to go, but 55 has a new Assault/Spearhead pose and I wanted people to help with the bugtesting in this version. Plus there’s a couple crash fixes which should improve the experience.

This version adds NC+ for chapter 5, fixed a bunch of bugs, and modified some combat abilities. Region notifiers are also bigger and closer to the corner, making them easier to see.

Changelog is below, as usual. There will likely be a couple more patches before Mechanical is considered done, as I want to put in some paragon stuff in the journal.


*Added New Chapter Plus for chapter 5!
*Moved all the character dialogue to map-specific folders so it’s easier to find. This took like a week and has ZERO gameplay impact!

*Added a very silly ghost NC+ bit to the cultist meeting.
*Fixed a bug when re-examining Nadia after the werecat sexy scene.
*You can now lockpick the door in the beehive basement.
*Alicia will mention Ginny when you meet her without Florentina, preventing time-paradoxes.
*Added Mushraune case to first-combat dialogue.
*Recalibrated all the LRT maps.
*Region notifiers will temporarily lockout controls when first displaying.

Combat Balance
*Added Christine’s doll abilities.
*Christine can now only have one Spearguard at a time. The effect will remove duplicates when creating a new one.

*Fixed a crash when an enemy did not have a legal alias during combat setup.
*Fixed a crash when the last enemy in a turn order was KO’d. Only seemed to happen on Linux.
*Added invis zone to Dimensional Trap Central so you don’t get attacked when entering the room.
*Fixed Infused Rye Bread having the wrong display name.
*Fixed all missing paragon turn-order icons.
*Added missing Queen Bee Mei turn-order icon.
*Fixed collision in the river wilds tower.
*Fixed the holes in Latex Drone portrait.
*Can no longer use Mei’s Bee ‘Call for Help’ during the rubber sequence.
*Field abilities that cannot be used when rubbered will no longer trigger a cooldown.
*Fixed missing tiles in RegulusCryoG.
*Fixed a NotNorth error in RegulusArcaneB.
*Fixed player light not activating when reloading the game.
*Should no longer be able to change costumes at the gala, as funny as that is.
*Equinox Command Unit’s buff no longer goes offscreen.
*Should no longer be able to skip a journal entry in the Electrosprite quest.
*Christine’s Overclock now has the correct border for a free action.
*Fixed not receiving the map in Cryogenics until entering a new room.
*Fixed the wrong defeat dialogues playing in the biolabs.
*Fixed many typos.

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