At long last, it’s done

All the art for chapter 5 is done, and I even managed to slip the paragons in at the last minute.

There’s probably some bugs. That’s just how it goes. I mean there’s definitely one, and she’s in a lab coat at last, but I meant the code kind of bug.

Download (Mediafire /

And with that, we’re off to chapter 2. There will still be a few bugfix patches over the next couple weeks, because there’s always bugs.

Koops has been getting me some lovely concepts. I’m also going to be making an internal prototype for Slitted Eye soon, as the artists are in the “make production grade renders” phase.


*Added Paragons subheading to Journal, allowing them to be toggled on and off per area.
*Added the remaining art for chapter 5. It’s done!
*Added Paragons to chapter 5.

*Can no longer steal JX-101’s armor you freaking weirdos.
*You now get work credits for helping out steam droids after completing Sprocket City, instead of reputation.
*Combat turn order portraits now flash when their target does, making picking targets out for elimination easier.
*Updated the purchase descriptions on the work terminal to reflect the new item stats.

Combat Balance
*Fixed Recoil Dampener being usable multiple times per battle.
*Predictor for Christine’s Handmaiden Obliterate now correctly shows Terrify damage.
*Fixed using the wrong frame for Christine and 55’s finishers.
*Fixed Underslung Flamethrower’s description.
*Florentina’s From The Shadows ability should no longer accidentally hit KO’d targets if equipped more than once.

*Fixed several bugs where enemies would engage the player when they entered a room.
*Fixed Doctor Bag upgrades not carrying over to NC+.
*Christine’s jobchange to doll now has the correct icon.
*Fixed Psue appearing in the journal at chapter start.
*Fixed costumes not saving correctly for some of Christine’s forms.
*Should no longer receive error messages about missing lists when asset streaming is off.

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