Development Update: August 9th, 2021

Probably a Patch This Week

I was going to post a patch today, but then I noticed that a bug was in the wrong column on my trello and I absolutely need to fix it *before the next patch*. So I’ll fix it and post the update tomorrow.

Budget Report

Yeah I put together a budget report for August 2021. This is because Chickenwhite is now current. The only artist with back pay due is The Stinkehund! Hooray!

What Else is Going On

I’m steadily making maps for chapter 2 and trying to discharge the myriad other responsibilities I have. I need to make a new translation for Maiden Sealed in Stone (an update got released) and hopefully finish the translation for Ruins Exploration. As well as cleaning up various bugs, doing design work for chapter 2, getting the UI update ready, and dealing with bugs that come up.

Chickenwhite will be on vacation later this month, but otherwise everyone is still working. Koops just sent me the concept for the statue girls in chapter 2, and a photo of her cat who is very cute.

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