Pandemonium v3.24 Released

Download it (Mediafire / (Win/Lin/Mac Bundle)

Changelog below. This one fixes a lot of typos and an edge-case in combat where recalculating max HP would KO a low-HP character.


*Added codebase for idle animations. The only one present is Human-Mei’s idle.
*Fixed the respawning health catalyst in Regulus City 198 C. It requires a new file (or new acquiring) to fix, but it won’t respawn in NC+ anymore.
*Save notes can now go to 128 characters. It will look silly if you make it past 60, which will be your fault, not mine.

*Updated the chapter 5 credits with all 100$+ patrons up to August 2021.
*Added “Doll” to the transformation opportunities when moving into vacuum areas for NC+.

Combat Balance
*Groaning Light now correctly buffs attack power and not accuracy.

*Fixed NC+ chapter 5 not recognizing Doll Christine in one spot in Aquatic Genetics.
*Fixed a lot of typos.
*Fixed some incorrect tiles near the Biolabs Datacore.
*(Hopefully) fixed characters switching classes or changing HP Max buffs