Pandemonium v3.25 Released!

You can download it here ( / Mediafire) (Win/Lin/Mac Bundle)


*Used string pooling to cut savefile size in half or less.
*Fixed a serious bug that was massively inflating the filesize of saves. Combined with string pooling, saves are down to ~100kb!

*Fixed typos.
*The Region Notifier will scroll offscreen during cutscenes.
*Fixed 55’s job change icons being switched for Support and Subvert.
*Enemies forced to join your side by whatever means now give half their XP/JP/Platina.

Combat Balance
*Magnesium Grenades blind reduced to 30 (was 35).
*Paragons now get +100 INI instead of *100 INI. Which was pretty bonkers.
*JX-101’s Scavenge now correctly says it targets one enemy.
*Buffed JX-101’s accuracy by 30 so she’s not as bad during her section (she’s supposed to be thematically outmatched, but not useless).
*JX-101’s Flak Round is now 100% accurate.
*SX-399’s Flak Round is now 100% accurate. Just like mom used to make!
*JX-101’s Thunderbolt Slug now has +25 to its hit rate.
*Christine’s Lancer Inspire now correctly says it targets one enemy.
*Fixed several abilities showing the wrong damage factor. I changed some backend code, so please let me know if any more cases pop up.
*Christine’s Lancer Inspire now doesn’t glance.
*Critical Strike predictions should take into account Critical Strike Damage Bonus tags.
*Christine’s Live Wire Chain Zap now does 70 stun (up from 50).
*Adjusted some of chapter 5’s enemy stun thresholds to 70 so Chain Zap is useful in specific circumstances.
*Added cooldown notifications to Christine’s abilities that were missing them.
*Prediction box will now notify you if an effect has a zero percent chance to apply.
*Fixed 55’s Spearhead Full Auto being able to miss. Because it wasn’t supposed to.

*Fixed a bug where the Mines boss was applying DoTs for zero damage.
*Bee Sniffers are now listed as being in Starfield Swamp instead of Evermoon Forest.
*Fixed several abilities not showing their hit rate.
*Adamantite found in the mines should now actually be added to the inventory.
*Abilities not in the active class will still tick their cooldowns when you switch classes in battle. They should also now reset correctly after battles.
*Fixed abilities with extremely low application rates clamping at zero, failing to take into account bonuses against the negative.
*Embolden now correctly lists itself as a Negative charge ability.
*Fixed mind-controlled or rubbered enemies (enemies forced to join your team) not giving their paragon KO count.
*Updated predictions handler to give Always Hits to stunned enemies.
*Fixed Christine’s Bounceback to work when covering an ally.