Development Update: August 30th, 2021



If you want to make Salty very happy, fan art is how you do it. Also the artwork is just superb, somehow managing to be colorful and joyful despite rilmani being literally none of those things.

I’m (Almost) Done the Maps

That’s right, the intro section to chapter 2 is almost mapped. I need some more tiles from Urimas and then it’ll be time for all the glue, scripting, characters. You know, everything that is not placing tiles.

I’m feeling pretty good about how the maps look and feel so far. Very adventure-y.

Slitted Eye Progress

I made a simple internal prototype using sample animations. The engine is “Done” because this kind of game doesn’t actually do a lot under the hood. We’ve also finished about half of the rooms and Urimas’ next assignment is to make the animations for the first level.

And we even got Mario to write some copy for the answering machine messages!

Curious Cat

I snuck a secret cat into the curious cat images. Did you see him? He saw you.

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