Development Update: October 4th, 2021

Coding and Whatnot

Artist Chickenwhite got herself a new computer that no longer lags when doing 3D animation. So that’s a nice thing now isn’t it.

As far as coding goes, the third puzzle mechanic is now in, all I need to do is go through every map I’ve made and add clue spawners. So at this point it’s largely cutscenes, dialogue, and combat between me and the release. Speaking of.

Poll Results

Last week I asked the patron pals what we should do concerning Slitted Eye suggestions and the UI Update. Well here’s your damn results.

This means that I’ll be yelling at our UI artist to get me the last UI pieces and implementing it ASAP. I have to finish a couple things in chapter 2 first, and then I’ll switch over to implementing the UI.

Look at how generous our 5$ patrons are.

Starting today, there will be a patron post that I will link to in each update post where you can submit ideas. If you’d like your name on the resulting piece (should Koops choose to accept it) please be sure to put that in the answer.


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