Development Update: September 27th, 2021

God damn it

It’s like deliberately tying votes is some kind of running gag with you people. Which means I get to decide and you get to see Statue Sanya this week if you’re a patron. You jerks.

Other Development

The artists are still hard at work on Slitted Eye. It’s coming along very nicely, but likely will not be done in October. There is a bunch of soundwork I’d like to do on it even if the animations are ready, and I want to spend a bit more time polishing this one than String Tyrant got.

I’ve “finished” the second of the big new puzzle mechanics that is going into chapter 2’s introduction. I put finished in quotes because it can always use more polish and bugtesting, but it works and is playable. It’s even kinda fun and the puzzle generator stumps me, the guy who wrote it, every now and then!

This means there’s one more major new mechanic, a few cutscenes, and all of the initial combat (there are three playable party members in the intro!) and then we’re ready to go on chapter 2’s introduction.

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