Development Update: October 25th, 2021

UI Update Part 2

First up this week is the new Inventory UI. The layout didn’t change much, but the assets were redone and everything is now sized correctly since I know exactly how many lines are available for the given font sizes.

I also wrote some dynamic property generators so the descriptions will show the exact stats of a piece of equipment. These are shared with the Equipment UI but the Inventory doesn’t require a keypress to show them, and obviously can show stuff that nobody can currently equip.

If you have any suggestions on changes to this UI, now is the time to suggest them.

The Options UI has also been redone, standardizing the cursor and sizes with the rest of the UI. There’s also multiple pages now, accessed with the shoulder buttons (Q and E on the keyboard). This means I have plenty of space to add more options if people request them.

Oh but you don’t know what an option does?

Push F2 on an option and a detailed description pops up, telling you exactly what it does without cluttering up the UI.

This won’t prevent people from asking me what Tourist Mode does but it does mean they will look very silly when they do.

The program will also be much more explicit about the fact that changes are pending. If you attempt to press cancel with pending changes, you will receive a warning. You need to use the Okay button at the bottom to actually save the changes.

Most games use this standard for their Options UI but are (usually) more obvious about it. Now Pandemonium is too!

Art Attack!

One of the things about 3D environments is that you need to have junk lying around to make a space feel lived in. So Stinkehund has been making assorted junk to go in Slitted Eye. The models for the entire house and most of the characters are done, we just need to make it look natural.

Sadly, Hund didn’t make the globe texture have a knife sticking in the Soviet Union with red coming out to show the iron curtain. I have been assured that every globe made before 1991 had that decoration but never seen one myself.

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