Development Update: November 1st, 2021

UI Update Part 3

First up this week is the main menu, which has shifted formats a little. The menu grouping is now 5×2 instead of 3×3, the listing on the right is now wider so the catalyst information is less cryptic, and the character info is now spaced to handle exactly four characters.

I have also completed the first of the Vendor UIs. Borrowing the concept of putting the description in an F2 subwindow, more space is allowed for the item listing.

The UI now has a much cleaner comparison of properties and even shows how many of an item you have and who has it equipped.

I’m going to hopefully be able to finish the Sell and Buyback UIs very quickly since they borrow most of the layout and code from the Buy UI. The Gems UI will be completely overhauled.

Slitted Eye

According to Stinkehund, she has to make minor stuff to be placed all around the house and give it a lived-in sort of feeling. Hopefully done by the end of the month.

Import VHSs in the 90’s were pretty wild.

Charlotte draws stuff in her crafts room a lot. Sometimes the doodles are masterpieces.

We don’t have an ETA on Slitted Eye yet. I’m hoping to have it out by February, but that’s very tentative and not a guarantee.

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