Pandemonium UI Beta is now Public!

That’s right, you can get it here (Mediafire Win/Lin/Mac).

This is a Public Beta meaning that there are problems with it, such as bugs, misalignments, and such, but I’m releasing it anyway for testing and feedback.

Testing and Feedback Guide

What’s that, you want to help with the feedback? Well today is your lucky day.

There is a public poll here you should use once you’ve had a chance to play the game.

To test the game, you simply need to play it and make use of the UI. Is it intuitive, does it look nice, could things be bigger, use icons in a certain spot or not, that sort of thing.

Combat: There is an option in the options menu to use “Expert” combat. It is on by default, and this UI is closest to the original UI.

If you toggle this option off:

You get this UI instead. It uses cards to compartmentalize the options available. It shows less information on screen, but also is more minimalistic. Which do you prefer?

This is the profiles UI in the skills section. Does it make sense? Do you use it often?

Most of the UIs now have a Help menu accessed by F1. Are the descriptions useful? Do you want to see anything clarified on these descriptions?

The Equipment UI shows you your damage bonuses now. Does this layout look nice? Is it helpful to know? Should I port it over to other statistics displays like the Status UI?

The Quit UI is just plain better. I am not looking for feedback on it, I just wanted you to know I like it.

And many more things! Please let me know on the poll.

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