Development Update: November 29th, 2021

The UI Update Is Complete

All of the UIs are now updated to the new standard. The update is “Complete” though I have lots of alignments to set, bugs to fix, help text to set, you know. Coding stuff.

Next week on Monday, I will put out a public beta with as much as I can get done between now and then. This is to gather feedback and suggestions for further improvements to the UI, such as options people want, size changes, and the like. After that, I’ll be fixing as many bugs as I can before the end of December, at which point the UI update goes live and I start working on the Steam release.

Say Hello to our Newest Team Member

That’s right, our newest team member is the world-famous SARS-CoV-2! Currently working with artist Stinkehund, I expect this will cause Slitted Eye to be delayed a while because holy shit this new team member is causing serious problems.

This sucks! Speedy recover you zany German.

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