Development Update: January 3rd, 2022

Patch Tomorrow

As per usual, there were bugs in the released version. I have a few more I need to fix, so there will be a patch tomorrow. Keep those reports coming, we need to get this thing cleaned up for…

Steam and Release

We had a team meeting today and will be putting together the Steam and releases. Mario is doing copy editing, Hund the images, Pyxxis the trailer, and I’m responsible for the backend (as always). There is also an approval process so I’m hoping the Steam release is ready by then. The release will follow at the same time.

Slitted Eye!

Despite a nasty run-in with a very small interlocuter (no, not Koops. Covid-19.), all of the gameplay assets for Slitted Eye are now complete. Urimas is going to be setting up the renders, and we’re getting concepts for the game over screens now. We don’t have an ETA on the game, but it’ll be worth the wait because hoo boy is it scary looking.

Curious Cat

It’s back! Send your questions to us and I’ll give a smarmy answer.

Linkfo Wars

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