Pandemonium v3.51 Released

Download it here ( / Mediafire) (Win/Lin/Mac Bundled)

Changelog is below. This is largely a bugfix patch. The only new feature to be added between now and the Steam launch is achievements, which I will sort out in due time.


*Ghost Mei no longer has footsteps when running.
*Added all the other enemies from chapter 5 to the mines spawn lists. It should be possible to encounter all the enemies in the chapter there.

*Fixed cutscenes running at double speed as the dialogue is fading out.
*Fixed profile icons not appearing for anyone but Mei.
*Fixed combat animations fading out when the combat UI fades out.
*Fixed not transforming back into a ghost after the Claudia encounter if Mei also has Gravemarker form.
*Fixed several bugs related to the Claudia/Gravemarker interactions.
*Fixed an error in the speedboat sequence where the boats weren’t animating correctly.
*Fixed a bug where Florentina would not rejoin the party after Mei transformed into a bee.
*Fixed the LRTF and LRTHF maps being switched, causing you to teleport into a void when going down the ladder at the black site.
*Fixed switching characters in the equipment UI setting the cursor to the wrong spot.
*Fixed an extremely rare timestamp bug on the saves menu.
*Fixed all the jobs showing up in the profiles menu instead of just the ones that are unlocked.
*Fixed a missing Flashwhite command when talking to Sophie as human Christine.
*Fixed Inspiring Perception using the wrong icon.
*Fixed JX-101’s Guard using the wrong icon.
*Fixed Magrail Harmonization Module using the wrong stats, and also increase those stats.
*Fixed LRT terminals not lighting up correctly during the Vivify scene.
*Fixed a bug in Sprocket City’s dialogue.
*Fixed a number of instances where an integer was being expressed in dialogue with a decimal point following it.
*Idiots should no longer be able to close the shopping UI in the same tick they open it.
*Fixed a grammar error in the Serenity Crater quest.
*Fixed the map being misaligned when you first pick up the PDU.
*Updated the leaky doll’s portrait.
*Fixed a lot of instances of a flashwhite sequence not timing correctly.
*Added emotes to the electrosprite sequence that was missing them.
*Can no longer trigger the Meeting 55 cutscene while on a date with Sophie.
*Fixed being able to Chat with Sophie while on a date (she has no topics).
*It should no longer be possible to transform while on a date with Sophie.

One thought on “Pandemonium v3.51 Released

  1. eyy friends i seem to have encountered a couple bugs in chapter 1… at the dormine tower quest when mei converts an npc the game freezes but when mei tries to enter town the game also freezes any ideas on how i can fix the problem?


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