Pandemonium 3.52 Released!

Get it here (Mediafire / (Win/Lin/Mac Bundle)

Changelog is below, but the most important addition is the new Plantchievements!

In the upcoming Steam release, there’s going to be ‘cheevos. Well I decided to make a full interface for that so even non-Steam players can have some cheevments. And what better way than a pun?

Plantchievements don’t do jack shit to affect the gameplay but I guess they kinda tell you about stuff in a chapter you haven’t seen yet. It took a lot of work to make these!


*Added achievements to the game! They can be found in the Journal by pressing the C key by default.

*Can no longer access the work terminals as 55 during the Raiju Ranch sequence.
*Magnesium Grenade now shows its combat effect in its item description.
*Underslung Flamethrower shows its combat effect in its item description.
*By popular demand, you can examine the plants in Hydroponics D.
*Scrambled locations and quests during the chapter 5 reprogramming sequence.

*Fixed alraune portraits not appearing in chapter 5.
*Plutonite Fission Carbine description fixed to show flaming damage instead of piercing.
*Fixed a collision bug in Aquatic Genetics.
*55’s Psyche Up now uses the correct Free Action border.
*Added an examination handler for the RVD in Biolabs Gamma A.
*Fixed a missing tile in Biolabs Beta A.
*55’s Feasome Presence should now show its effect prediction.
*Fixed missing tiles in Biolabs Datacore A.
*Fixed lighting issues in Biolabs Datacore A.
*55’s Cold Calculation should now hit all enemies.
*Fixed graphical error in Biolabs Alpha C.
*SX-399’s Scavenge no longer exceeds the description box.
*Shouldn’t be able to see waiting actors during the gala assault briefing.
*Fixed some assorted console errors.
*Fixed empty dialogue boxes during the Steam Droid TF.
*Added a hint to the first Sprocket City reputation quest.
*Fixed very low mines floors sometimes not having any enemies.
*Fixed a tile error in Serenity Observatory E.
*Fixed Latex Christine not appearing in the combat ally bar.
*Fixed Christine facing the wrong way during one of the electrosprite cutscenes.
*Should no longer be able to spacewalk out of southern Cryogenics.
*Fixed 55’s Support turn-order icon not appearing.
*Fixed a not-north bug in Regulus Exterior EA.
*Fixed Reika not knowing how to count.
*Electrosprite Christine should no longer make footsteps when running.
*Fixed some out of bounds text in the journal.
*Fixed Prismatic Shield’s effect description going over the edge of the description box.
*Fixed wrong dialogue displaying when reliving Christine’s Golem TF.
*Fixed a bunch of bugs involving the Gala Assault briefing.
*Fixed several instances of a console error indicating an image was not loaded.
*Fixed a missing tile in the melted Biolabs Beta.
*Fixed being unable to transform into a Dreamer at a campfire.
*Fixed some of Dreamer Christine’s abilities not having square borders despite being free actions.
*Fixed a bunch of blank dialogue box errors.
*Added form handlers for the LRT hallway scene.
*Added form handlers to the LRT black site scene.

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