Pandemonium v3.53 Released

Get it here (Mediafire / (Win / Lin / Mac Bundle)

We’re running out of bugs to fix, so this version with a few paragons fixed is going to be the version that gets sent to Steam.


What has not changed between versions is that Niko is still cute. I’m not changing this no matter how many people ask!


*You can now access the achievements when selecting a chapter.
*Added form handlers for Gravemarker to Breanne’s dialogue.
*Added form handlers to Polaris’ dialogue.
*At long last you can examine the bath on top of the dimensional trap.
*Statistics in the combat inspector will change color if an effect is buffing/debuffing them.

*Fixed Mei’s Queen Bee costume not unlocking when completing the zombee hive.
*Fixed a softlock caused by Deadly Jump during the rubber sequence.
*Alraune/Bee relive sequences should no longer be unlocked during a new game.
*Fixed not being able to unlock the chapter 1 completion achievement.
*Fixed a console bug when talking to Septima.
*Fixed an empty dialogue box in the Quantir Manor.
*Fixed some other minor console bugs.
*Fixed not using special frames during the doll TF finale.
*Fixed Influence incorrectly reporting hit rate as 100% in Tourist Mode (Influence does not benefit from Tourist Mode).
*Fixed a console error with Mei’s Call for Help.
*Fixed Mei’s summoned bee ally having incorrect position alignments.
*Fixed some item text overruns.
*Fixed the tactics window being too wide on the expert UI.
*Fixed Buff and Debuff icons being switched.
*Fixed slotted gems not displaying their damage bonus correctly.
*Fixed Florentina’s Tinkering working on the wrong ability slots.
*Fixed Natalie’s lines not highlighting during the ghost TF.
*Fixed text overruns for weapon swap abilities.
*It’s a tail, Ack.
*Fixed a missing examinable in St. Fora’s E.
*Shunted around some NC+ dialogue.
*Fixed several console errors when playing without SX-399.
*Fixed a console error when engaging Raibie Christine.
*Fixed some alignment errors in the no-SX Finale.
*Added some bee portraits to the alraune x bee hot hot scene.
*Changing jobs in battle should respect the override Y.
*Mentioned the simplified UI in the tutorial in chapter 1.
*Fixed sound volumes not returning to default when not saving sound volumes in a savefile.
*Fixed Christine’s Handmaiden Pulsate healing 1/5th what it was supposed to.
*Fixed about 50 other minor combat bugs, such as display overruns, missing icons, and effects having the wrong duration.

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