Pandemonium v3.54 Released

Okay this is the last one before the Steam release, I promise. Also, the Steam/Itch releases are scheduled for February 14th.

We are also currently holding a patron vote on the name of Adventure Mode. As of this writing, Runes of Pandemonium is in the lead by a few votes. If you’re a patron, head over to patreon and vote!

Subscribestar Now Exists

We now have a Subscribestar, for the people who asked me for one because they didn’t want to/couldn’t use Patreon for whatever reason.

Subscribestar has a similar cut versus Patreon so we don’t care which one you use, whatever works for you.

Release Info

Download it here. ( / Mediafire) (Win/Lin/Mac Bundle)


*After all these years, added a splash screen. Now you know which studio made this game (it’s our studio).

*Paragons now always have their stats/resists visible in the combat inspector.
*Upped Paragon chance to 40%. Remember you can turn them off in the journal!
*Updated the Datacore ambience to not be a copyrighted sound.
*Journal UI now has stripe backing.

*Added the missing three paragon activators in chapter 1.
*Fixed the chapter 1 “Defeat any paragon” achievement not unlocking.
*Fixed Chris’s attack and discharge abilities having the wrong name.
*Fixed some typos.
*55’s Laser Pulse ability now shows the buff affecting her instead of the enemy.
*55’s Conductive Spray can no longer miss (though it can still be resisted).
*Should no longer be able to exit upper Serenity Observatory’s airlock as an organic.
*Text on the menu will render over the icons.

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8 thoughts on “Pandemonium v3.54 Released

  1. Would it be alright for me to report bugs here? If not, where can I report them? I’ve had the OSX version crash on me several times in the Chapter 5 NC+.


    1. Hi! Yes this venue is fine, I get an email update whenever a comment is posted.
      There’s a crash buried somewhere in possibly the inventory code but I haven’t been able to catch it. If you happen to have a stack trace that’d be just great.


      1. I’m not too familiar with coding, but I get a crash report every time it happens. If you can tell me what to look for in the report, I can relay what it says. The thing that sticks out to me when I read the report is this:

        Heap corruption detected, free list is damaged at 0x6000018bfb80
        *** Incorrect guard value: 8530190632498458450
        abort() called

        Kernel Triage:
        VM – pmap_enter failed with resource shortage

        Not sure if that’s what you need, but again, tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll do my best. Thank you!

        By the way, I really like the game. Chapter 5 in particular. I love Christine’s story, I love 55’s character growth, I love how everything resolves with Vivify and the Admin at the end. I came here for an NSFW game, I was not expecting a heartwarming, fascinating story with characters I connect with. You’ve done a fantastic job. So thank you very much for this game. 🙂


        1. The think you’re looking for is called a Stack Trace. It shows a list of functions that were called and in what order, so it will tell me exactly what part of the code is crashing.
          And thanks for the kind words, we tried to make an NSFW game that is more than just sexy situations.


        2. I think this is it, if not let me know.

          VM Region Summary:
          ReadOnly portion of Libraries: Total=976.5M resident=0K(0%) swapped_out_or_unallocated=976.5M(100%)
          Writable regions: Total=3.0G written=0K(0%) resident=0K(0%) swapped_out=0K(0%) unallocated=3.0G(100%)

          REGION TYPE SIZE COUNT (non-coalesced)
          =========== ======= =======
          Accelerate framework 640K 5
          Activity Tracing 256K 1
          CG backing stores 2176K 4
          CG image 224K 8
          ColorSync 224K 25
          CoreAnimation 160K 10
          CoreGraphics 4K 1
          CoreUI image data 164K 9
          Foundation 36K 2
          Kernel Alloc Once 8K 1
          MALLOC 1.6G 207
          MALLOC guard page 192K 9
          MALLOC_MEDIUM (reserved) 856.0M 8 reserved VM address space (unallocated)
          MALLOC_NANO (reserved) 384.0M 1 reserved VM address space (unallocated)
          OpenGL GLSL 256K 3
          Rosetta Arena 4096K 2
          Rosetta Generic 892K 220
          Rosetta IndirectBranch 512K 1
          Rosetta JIT 128.0M 1
          Rosetta Return Stack 260K 26
          Rosetta Thread Context 260K 26
          STACK GUARD 20K 5
          Stack 14.1M 13
          Stack Guard 56.0M 8
          VM_ALLOCATE 4412K 28
          VM_ALLOCATE (reserved) 40K 3 reserved VM address space (unallocated)
          __DATA 20.4M 360
          __DATA_CONST 16.1M 205
          __DATA_DIRTY 870K 120
          __FONT_DATA 4K 1
          __GLSLBUILTINS 5176K 1
          __LINKEDIT 696.3M 19
          __OBJC_RO 81.6M 1
          __OBJC_RW 3120K 2
          __TEXT 280.3M 375
          __UNICODE 588K 1
          dyld private memory 1024K 1
          mapped file 5.0G 497
          shared memory 808K 16
          unshared pmap 9472K 7
          =========== ======= =======
          TOTAL 9.1G 2233
          TOTAL, minus reserved VM space 7.9G 2233

          There are also a list of 14 “threads”, and a “full report” at the bottom. I’m sorry if I’m making this hard, I really have little to no idea what I’m doing. I hope this helps, please let me know if there’s anything else you need.


  2. Also wow, I tried to edit that before posting it so everything lined up better and was easy to read, and the site just compressed it all and removed almost all the spaces. Whoops.


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