Development Update: February 7th, 2022

Code And Whatnot

Since I don’t want to do too much to the engine until the Steam/Itch release on the 14th, I’ve finished up the abilities for chapter 2 and also got all the enemies patterned out. I’m now working through the last part of the scenario in chapter 2. It’s actually closer to release than you might think!

Odyssey of Gianna v2.0 is out!

In case you weren’t following the news, OOG 2.0 is out. You should go get it on damn it. You can see the changelog on this patreon post, or just look at this image:

Looks like a hot ticket. It has more puppet stuff!

Fan Art!

Look, Salty happens to really like fan art. He’ll post anything. Make fan art and he’ll love it!

Curious Cat

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