Development Update: February 14th, 2022

Happy Valentines Day

Eat some chocolate and hang out at the bus stop but never get on the bus. I pass my tradition on to you.

Steam/Itch Release News

The Itch release is currently ready to go. The Steam release is still in moderation. I will let you all know as soon as it comes out. Because the Steam backend is giving me conflicting information (it says I can publish immediately but also the earliest it can come out is the 22nd, on the same screen) I can’t say exactly what date the game will be on Steam. When it is, I will let you know.

Want to know the second it comes out? You can wishlist the game right now! It helps the algorithm so you should totally do it.

In addition, the soundtrack is also in moderation. Its release information has the same caveats.

Coding Madness

Made some progress on chapter 2 in the downtime. Fixed a few bugs as well. But most importantly, String Tyrant will be getting a patch.

What’s that? Why now? Well in addition to cleaning up the various bugs that have been sitting on my trello for a year, I’ve gotten the backend ready for translation handling. It will soon be possible to play all Starlight games in other languages. String Tyrant will just be the first one because it’s actually complete, and editing translations whenever something is a pain in the ass. Since the game is done, that won’t need to happen.

Getting all the backend in place will probably take a few days, after which hopefully the Steam release is out so I can start on getting the modmaker’s kit ready. After that it’s all chapter 2.


Hund is getting some updates to the shading on the character emotes. Apparently some of them were using an old shading standard and needed to be brought in line with the current one.

Urimas is making Slitted Eye animations. I’m also forcing him to make chapter 2 sprites in between sets.

Koops is drawing bird girls I am told. Chickenwhite is finishing up texturing a model for Slitted Eye before she works on chapter 2’s art.

Curious Cat

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