Development Update: Chapter 2 Intro Launch Date Announcement

Chapter 2’s Launch Date?

For simplicity, Chapter 2’s Intro will launch on May 2nd. I wanted to make it “Last Week of April” but I like to launch stuff on Mondays due to our update schedule, so May 2nd it is.

If you are a patron of April, I will do a post on where to find the download when it does get posted. Though obviously I encourage you to continue to be a patron because that’s how this game gets made. Like this is how we pay the artists. You probably knew that but artists actually need real food, they die if they just eat paste.

How Does This Work?

A special page with a password is created, and all patrons are given the link and password for that page. If you decide to stop being a patron at some point in the future, you can still access the page for the remainder of the chapter’s development.

All prototypes get posted to that page first. The prototype then becomes public after one month, because long ago in the mists of time, the patrons voted for the one month delay.

Bugfix releases are pushed pretty regularly as we clean things up, and new art or sprites gets added when it’s available. And then we work on the next update, and usually put up a patron poll to ask what you thought of the release and what features you want to see.

Slitted Eye

At our last team meeting, we decided to put priority on Chapter 2. Slitted Eye will get done “Eventually” but we’re going to push to do at least one more major chapter 2 update before we put any resources into Slitted Eye. Urimas will continue on the animations between spriting assignments.

Coding Stuff

Based on feedback from my MOST VILLAINOUS TESTERS I’ve made some improvements. There is now a new shop UI for unlocking items with crafting materials, and a new re-spawning chest mechanic with randomized loot to help make traipsing through the brush that much more fun. We’ll see how you appreciate these new mechanics at launch, and hell, maybe I’ll retrofit them into chapter 1 and 5 if people want me to.


We now have some more sprites and portraits, but it’s hard to say if we’re on track for the launch. There may be some placeholders still in there, or at least just neutral portraits instead of full emote sheets.

Budget Report

Holy shit did you know we publish our financial records around here – very occasionally? Well now you do, and you can read it here.

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