Development Update: April 4th, 2022

Bonus Stuff!

After the incredible success of Werebat Sanya, Koops was commissioned to do Werebat Izuna! That’s not canon don’t demand I put that in the game because I won’t.

Coding and Whatnot

I sent off a build to the testers yesterday for some bug hunting and balance feedback. I’m going to have to at least add a new UI for the item unlocks, and fix some bugs of course, but it’s going fairly well.

We’ll be having a team meeting this week to discuss our targets for release and what we’re going to do afterwards.


Hund finished up the map and I added some new code to implement per-room map updates, so the map now “uncovers” as you explore it (Sanya actually writes landmarks on it as you go) so you’ll know where you’ve been and what rooms you missed. I like the system, and if people like it when this gets released, we might retrofit it into chapter 1.

Chicken is making Sanya’s emotes, and Koops will be doing other remaining concepts whenever she can. Unfortunately, Urimas suffered a death in the family and is taking a few days off. I’m sure he’ll be back to spriting before you know it.

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