Development Update: April 25th, 2022

Release Next Week!

Just fixed some bugs including a crash. Trust me, the wait has been worth it. A few more art pieces are coming in and then we’re good to go.

Patrons should check their… Patron… patronage… to find the chapter 2 downloads page and password. It will be populated with the release on May 2nd.

Patron Poll!?!?!?

There will be a patron poll – right now! It’s about the possibility of bug girls in the future so you know it’ll be great. I know how much you people like bugs.

Unity Edition: Beta 7 is OUT!

You know that other game in the Pandemonium Extended Universe (PEU)? Well guess what, it just hit beta 7 and it now officially has everything. You can play as the T-1000, the long-awaited bimbo, angels, statues, angel statues, and even get a good ending where everyone goes home happy.

The above art was made by Tacodog. Now go get it on the TFGS page!

Curious Cat?

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